Is Land by Nigel Brown
Island II – Group summer exhibition
Nigel Brown, Gerda Leenards, Gaham Bennett, Michael Smither, Mary McFarlane, John Walsh, Llew Summers, Emma Bass, Claire Beynon, Gregory O'Brien & John Pule, Jim Wheeler
February to March 2021

Continuing from our December exhibition - Island, what it is to be an island nation.The events of 2020 have given New Zealanders pause, to rethink how we live - or should live; who we truly connect to; ideas around being a nation surrounded - or protected - by ocean. Artists respond to the concept of 'Island' with new and earlier works.

Huriawa by Wayne Seyb
Oil on canvas, 929x1220mm, 2021
Wayne Seyb Confluence: Earth/Sky
Wayne Seyb
Saturday 8th May - Monday June 14th
Preview: Saturday 8 May

Wayne Seyb returns with a powerful suite of paintings, finding new strength not only in the landscape but also in the night sky - with a growing consciousness of human impact on both, and of the value of connecting naturally with earth and sky.

My Horizon I by Mary McFarlane
Silent Order
Seeking stillness in a changed world Mary McFarlane
Saturday 3 July to 7 August 2021
Preview: Saturday 3 July 2021

Recent mirror works and sculpture