Relief Painting, Don Peebles
Unframed and Untamed
Group exhibition of paintings, prints and sculpture. Don Peebles
Barry Cleavin
Jeff Thomson
Emma Bass
James Robinson
Nigel Brown
JS Parker
Josh Bashford
Llew Summers
Michael Smither
Gerda Leenards

Until 11 August 2017
Pooling Ignorance, Graham Bennett
Water, Water, Everywhere…
The artists take a stand Graham Bennett
Nigel Brown
Bing Dawe
Barry Cleavin
Fatu Feu'u
Gregory O'Brien & Euan Macleod
Wayne Seyb
Michael Smither

20 August to Election Day (23 September)
Preview: Sunday 20 August

Swimmable, wadeable, drinkable…? Or degraded? These are questions our artists have long explored, working to raise public consciousness of the issues into the 'mainstream' before it is too late.

Details of this exhibition are currently under review