Going Through Fiordland Doubtful Sound Artist: Marilynn Webb
Winter at the Diversion
Group exhibition of works by prominent and emerging New Zealand artists JS Parker
Graham Bennett
Robyn Webster
Marilynn Webb
John Walsh
Jim Wheeler
Denise Copland
Llew Summers
Josh Bashford
Nigel Brown

June-July 2019
Venus 1769 by Mary McFarlane
Meretoto: Transit
250 years of shared histories - the artists' perspective Mary McFarlane
Areta Wilkinson
Mark Adams
Wayne Seyb
Nigel Brown

25 August - 21 September 2019
Preview: 25 August
Bite the Dust
No Go
Paintings from the signs series Philip Trusttum
24 September - 19 October 2019
Preview: 24 September

An evolution of Trusttum's 'signs' series pushing back against all the bans... The first exhibition of these new works from 2016-2018, inspired initially by all the signs around Christchurch during the rebuild.