My Horizon I by Mary McFarlane
Silent Order
Seeking stillness in a changed world Mary McFarlane
Saturday 3 July to 7 August 2021
Preview: Saturday 3 July 2021

There's a fleeting, watery quality in some new mirror works, others glittering with gold leaf and silver over oil paint, evoking the cascades of Fiordland, or the moon and planets in a midwinter night sky. Alongside major works are intimate miniatures: 'I like the act of looking at small works - the peering, the bending forward, a precious quality, demanding time.' Each bevelled edge or frame, from decades past, prompts personal memory, the viewer mirrored in the work.

Mangemange Genesis by Jim Wheeler
2020, unique variation
Art Unlocked
Bing Dawe
Robyn Webster
Mary McFarlane
Nigel Brown
Jim Wheeler
Graham Bennett
Llew Summers
Claire Beynon

September 2021
Details of this exhibition are currently under review