Philip Trusttum

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Current Works

About the Artist

Philip Trusttum is recognised as one of the major expressive painters of his generation, known particularly for his large works full of energy, colour, and vigour, inspired by the everyday world as he engages with it, whether politics, events, family, stories, and objects.

Recent Works

Trusttum’s grandchildren and their toys have inspired many of his large works of the past decade, capturing the child’s intuitive approach to the world around them. The Alphabet series offers works on a very accessible domestic scale, evolving initially from a single letter as a starting point. By the end of this series, they had evolved to the point the letter was often quite obscure, as other aesthetic interests took over in the composition. The letters of his own name, especially P for Philip, formed the basis of several of the series.

In 2011 he produced a major series focused on rugby players, their movements and forms, presented in the manner of puppet forms. He arranged the limbs in different ways on the wall, photographed these against different backgrounds and created one-off monoprints on aluminium panels. These were the last of his Rugby World Cup series, the depiction of falling players influenced more by the Christchurch earthquakes which destroyed the artist’s home, than by the game itself.

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