Claire Beynon

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Current Works

About the Artist

The work of Claire Beynon has a spiritual quality, and much of it centres around questions of sustainability, balance and our place on earth – or beyond. Also a writer, she has a strong following, exploring those issues, pointing to the ideas of other thinkers and artists, stimulating debate and thought.

Recent Works

Captured in her most recent jewellery pieces, Claire Beynon’s exploration of ‘Questions of Balance’ began in 2009, very much about questions to do with care of the planet, and climate change; yet these works seem perfectly poised for current times as we are thrown off balance by pandemic and social/political uncertainty. Her sculptures seem to anchor thought. Her artist’s statement and an extraordinary poem are available to view on request.

More About the Artist

Claire Beynon lives and works in Dunedin, having studied fine arts in South Africa and London. Although well known for her large scale pastels on paper, testing the boundaries of the medium, she also explores painting, printmaking, film and multi-media, sculpture, jewellery and writing, especially poetry. The thought-provoking work of this collectible artist has been exhibited widely throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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