Claire Beynon

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Current Works

About the Artist

Antarctica has fascinated Claire Beynon and featured strongly in her work over the past decade, initially from a visit working with an American-based scientific team studying single-celled organisms on the ocean floor. In artworks employing a variety of media, she conveys the ethereal nature of both the landscape and the underwater world in sublime works in pastel, paint and other media.

Her work has a spiritual quality, and much of it centres around questions of sustainability and our place on earth – or beyond. Also a writer, she has a strong following for her blog which focuses on those issues, pointing to the ideas of other thinkers and artists there, stimulating debate and thought.


Recent Works

Flotilla resulted from an experiment in which Beynon made a flotilla of tiny bamboo boats, and cast them into the Antarctic waters as the researchers dived below, filming them. The work hovers between the real and surreal, suggesting underwater and above water at the same time, human markers of depth or space, a sense of floating ideas, and the utter clarity of these pristine waters.

More About the Artist

Claire Beynon lives and works in Dunedin, having studied fine arts in South Africa and London. Although well known for her large scale pastels on paper, testing the boundaries of the medium, she also explores painting, printmaking, film and multi-media, and writing, especially poetry. The thought-provoking work of this collectible artist has been exhibited widely throughout New Zealand and overseas


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