Wayne Seyb

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Current Works

About the Artist

Wayne Seyb’s vigorous oil paintings often capture the raw energy of the New Zealand landscape, an expression of feeling of place rather than a literal interpretation. He typically uses intense colour applied boldly and thickly, in sweeping strokes to express his response the mountains, rivers and coastline of the South Island.

Seyb has also worked on woodcuts throughout his career, and these prints have the typical energy, immediacy and expressiveness of his paintings, with an additional directness which derives from the precise demands of the medium.


Recent Works

Wayne Seyb returns with a powerful suite of paintings, finding new strength not only in the landscape but also in the night sky – with a growing consciousness of human impact on both, and of the value of connecting naturally with earth and sky.

“Everybody needs to find some connection and these star paintings are my connection with the universe before it is filled with satellites connecting us in different ways under an artificial sky.

“These paintings were done to find pathways by looking up at constellations or following a river or being surprised by coming across star-like flowers or just watching mist rising as mountains breathe.”

Of his landscapes, Seyb says you have to have an imaginative hook, to look at the landscape, Seyb says, because otherwise it is just the picturesque. “I like to look at it as something symbolic. It gives a more symbolic edge to the landscape which is what inspires me to paint.”

Seyb is never self-conscious in creating paintings – it has always been about his instinctive and personal response to what is happening immediately around him, what he actually sees. Wherever he travels – around the country and overseas – he responds to the landscape, history, art history and literature of the place.

More About the Artist

Born in Temuka in 1961, Wayne Seyb studied formally for a year at Otago before leaving to pursue his individualist direction. He set up a co-operative gallery, Artattack, in 1981, and has since exhibited regularly in dealer and public galleries throughout New Zealand, and in Germany.

Wayne Seyb and his family lived for a decade in Karitane near Dunedin, its landscape inspiring much of his painting. They moved to Christchurch in 1999, when the Port Hills, the Southern Alps and West Coast of the South Island became a new field of inspiration, although Otago and Southland continue to feature strongly in his paintings.


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