Exhibition February 2022

New and selected works by prominent NZ artists

Mary McFarlane, Nigel Brown, Bing Dawe, Graham Bennett, Jim Wheeler, Llew Summers, Catherine Manchester, Robyn Webster, Gregory O'Brien, John Pule, Michel Tuffery, Roy Good
January-February 2022

Group exhibition of sculpture, paintings and prints by prominent NZ artists. An evolving show, including new works such as Disrupt by Graham Bennett, and earlier works of significance such as Nigel Brown's Nature under Siege, not previously shown at The Diversion Gallery.

The exhibition leans towards issues of sustainability, in works by Graham Bennett (three of the Disrupt axes from the Axis and Axes exhibition at the Canterbury Museum in 2021); Nigel Brown with the commanding Ned Kelly motif in Nature under Siege; Gregory O’Brien’s works linked to the Pacific and whale journeys, and his Ashburton Riverbook calling out water issues. Alongside them, intense works of colour from Roy Good and Michael Smither.