Structure and Form – JS Parker

Newly released and rare works from the JS Parker Collection

JS Parker
16 July to 27 August 2023

Preview: Sunday 16 July 3pm

Structure and Form is exhibition of powerful works including three of Parker’s rare Cross paintings; alongside major oils on canvas, and dramatic works on paper from the sought-after Black and White tar-and-oil paint series From the Road. There were only four Cross shaped paintings, after the initial Tau Cross. Parker said in 2002, of the Cross forms: ‘as a shape it’s an archetypal symbol, it immediately grabs your attention because it is a part of our history that we react to crosses, because of religious influence. It does use a holy symbol, but putting a feeling of the landscape inside it, so they are crosses of the fields, or of the weather. I was interested in the idea of a shaped canvas, a crossroads, intersection, or station.’