Showcase – Artwork of the week

This week: Abbey Hedge, Walsingham

Don Binney
October 2020

During spring, we're showcasing here an individual artwork with more detail, and context behind it - a little further insight each week into one of the stunning works in our exhibition 20:20 Twenty Years at The Diversion Gallery!

This painting was one of a series of works from Binney’s sabbatical trip overseas in which he visited sites of spiritual significance – in England, Kenya, Hawaii, Mexico and beyond… Walsingham Abbey is deemed to be the place of the first manifestation in England of the Virgin Mary; Binney takes a meditative view from a respectful, focused distance, through the yew hedge. Still in its original frame, with Brooke Gifford label verso.

Binney subsequently produced a lithograph, of very similar composition although not exactly the same, at Papergraphica Studio in Christchurch. One of these lithographs from the studio collection (framed) is also available.