Organic Thinking – Nigel Brown

New and recent paintings - solo exhibition

Nigel Brown
26 February - 5 April 2017

Preview: Sunday 26 February 4pm

New and recent paintings by NZ’s leading narrative artist Nigel Brown – solo exhibition

Nigel Brown returns to Marlborough with a solo exhibition of striking, organically painterly works embracing many of the themes and ‘characters’ who have populated his narratives over the last 45 years.

The title ‘Organic Thinking’ is as layered as the works. It refers to how we should live on the planet – linked to the ways of the birds we so admire and identify with; but also to Brown’s processes of expressing those ideas – working intuitively, with an organic painterly approach, loose lines, an earthiness. He contrasts this with an obsession with scientifically approaching the world, the birds, the environment.