Land Marks

New Paintings

Wayne Seyb
Extended to 18 May 2020

Preview: Online only 

A video of the show is on The Diversion Gallery Facebook page. Read below the images, for the artist's commentary on the exhibition.

‘It is about the emotional nature of landscape painting, even though some knowledge about geology, history and ecology is also necessary. I’m a bit of a tourist in these paintings. The feeling of being “a stranger in a strange land” haunts them. So I clutch at things that I can hold onto.

‘These paintings range from thinking about Anna Caselberg at the mouth of the Grey river, to a highway in Oklahoma where wild sunflowers grow towards Amarillo and Dallas. The romanticism of a wayfaring Van Gogh stalks the work. A painting crosses bloodied water where Cook met Māori. I look at the oddness of the Canterbury landscape and think back to old times when someone would call out and the sky would meet above and say: “I can hear you”.’

– Wayne Seyb, March 2020

Please email or call the gallery for further information or images. All paintings purchased during this period will be delivered Freight Free! – once the lockdown is lifted.