Say Cheese 1.6-XCPO

Artist: Brad Novak (New Blood Pop)
Unframed Price: NZD 2,200
Medium: Collage, spray paint, acrylic and screen print on white Fabriano paper 300gsm, #1/1 (unique)
Dimensions: 545x1000mm paper size
Date: 2022

About this work, comment from the artist:

"My latest edition ... is an example of me indulging a whim. Those who know me well understand I’m a geek before all else. Growing up in a family with 4 boys in the 80’s sealed my fate. I’d hate to think of how many times we watched the original star wars trilogy growing up. Best of all was episode 5 (the middle movie), the greatest sequel of all time, and my favourite movie ever… The Empire Strikes Back. It’s darker than the first one, there’s a snow planet, Yoda seems crazy at first, sexual tension between Leia and Han, Luke steps up, Han gets frozen in carbonite, Boba Fett is introduced, the ‘goodies’ lose!!!

The scene depicted in this painting comes just as Luke prematurely leaves Yoda’s training to try to rescue his friends. Not long after this first lightsabre duel Darth Vader tells Luke he is his father. Bombshell of all Bombshells.

I was too young to see Empire at the movies but can only imagine the shock from fans. Was it true or was Vader lying to Luke? Back then people had to wait 3 years for the next movie to find out!

I’ve captured this moment of suspense as Luke confronts Vader for the first time.

A major theme in my work for over a decade has been my self-titled ‘Digital Dilemma’. I’m fairly sure the move to a more technological future is hurting us in many ways. None more so than social media. Ironic as I utilise the platform in my art career. Selfies, seeking others approval, disconnecting from what really matters (what we think of ourselves).

Here these two Stormtroopers can’t believe their luck. Vader is gonna kick this little Rebel Punk’s butt… “Quick take a pic for our Instagram!”

I worked on this edition, and the associated unique pieces, for over a month with the team at Artrite Screen-printing in Auckland, who have my thanks as always for their expertise.

May the force be with you…"

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