Peter McKay

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Current Works

About the Artist

Peter McKay lives and works in Akaroa on Banks Peninsula near Christchurch. He has exhibited nationally for more than 20 years, and has been prominent in major exhibitions of art jewellery. For many of his works, such as his fantails and sublimely delicate feathers, he uses the rare technique of chasing, to create detail in the sterling silver. All his works are handcrafted, although occasionally the base outline of complex shapes is cast in silver before being chased and handworked in other ways to catch the light and create chiaroscuro (light and shade) effects. Often his work has art historical references, along with a romantic storytelling.

He first exhibited at The Diversion Gallery in 2006, alongside his friend and peer, prominent NZ printmaker Barry Cleavin.

We currently have a range of brooches and pendants by the artist, please contact us for additional images.

Recent Works

Peter McKay is one of New Zealand’s foremost jewellery artists. He exhibits nationally and his intricate work has influenced many young artists working in this field today.

Many of his pieces, such as his Heart series, are like small wall sculptures, telling stories in an intricate manner. His animal series offer delightful, playful brooches in sterling silver, each one worked with individual decoration or detail. It includes small fish, birds, a winking cat, a dog, dragon hound, and very smug crocodiles with entertaining detail when you look closely. These range in size from about 30mm to 80mm long. Newer works include a stunning huia feather and pendants in silver and gold, that relate surreal and imaginative stories in their tiny detail.

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