Jeremy Leeming

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Current Works

About the Artist

Jeremy Leeming is known particularly for his stunning work in silver and NZ stone especially basalt, argillite, pounamu (NZ jade) and lapis lazuli, although he also works in copper, raw silver, gold and semi precious stones, and in unusual materials like Corian and antique rimu wood.

His work has a strong Scandinavian influence in the aesthetic, not surprising as he learned his craft with the Danish contemporary jeweller/silversmith, Jens Hansen, in Nelson.That early influence is evident in many of Jeremy Leeming’s distinctive designs. Jeremy completed his diploma in Craft Design at the Otago School of Art in 1992.

From 2001 to 2008 he carved a different and international reputation in the restaurant trade, with chef Peter Gordon, opening Providores and The Tapas Room in London. He did periodically work on jewellery during this period but it was on his return to NZ in 2009 that he began to create and exhibit work full time, with numerous solo exhibitions around the country.



Recent Works

We have a new selection of neck pieces, earrings, and brooches. Others in different materials eg lapis lazuli, corian, pounamu may be available in some of the designs. Please enquire for more images.

More About the Artist

‘My motivation is to find simplicity in form, to create work with clean lines using a simple palette of metals, precious and semi-precious stones.

I am fascinated by the enduring qualities of New Zealand Jasper, Argillite, Basalt and Nephrite. Using techniques of lapidary I work on each piece individually, ensuring that each form is created in sympathy with the material.’

For Light Through Darkness, Jeremy Leeming made a series of pieces in response to JS Parker’s painting of that title; but instead of a seam of white light, he used slices and balls of pure 24 carat gold to represent the light gleaming through darkness. The white corian could be seen as darkness, he says, as white does not always represent purity or goodness; here again, it is the gold which represents light pushing through.

All the rings are mounted on sterling silver, darkened with oxidisation. They can be resized on request.

Please contact us to confirm current prices: most prices are posted at the time of exhibition, and may be revised as the artists' values increase.