Mike Andre

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About the Artist

Avant-garde jewellery, bold designs, repurposing unexpected materials into objects of striking beauty…

Minimalist in design, strong in statement, Mike Andre’s art jewellery explores the beauty both from the natural world and repurposed man-made objects, framed in hand worked and distinctive sterling silver forms. Everything from glass test tubes, to beach ironsand, to shells and rare or semi-precious stones. His creations are generous in proportion, and balance between the delicate and the weighty, in substance and intent.

His underlying premise: Art is a statement – and statements can’t be invisible. And his jewellery is made to be noticed.

There’s sometimes an underlying message – about care for the planet, and the universe, the need for us to pay more attention; also story telling, within a very wearable object. But ultimately, his work simply celebrates form, surface, contrast, beauty in the world. He carries that through to presentation – handcrafting beautiful wooden boxes, to protect and showcase neckpieces when they are not being worn.

Born in Poland, now based firmly in Marlborough, NZ, and the waters of its Sounds, Mike Andre has established a unique approach to the world – and the world of fine art jewellery.

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