Artist: Llew Summers
Medium: Wood (most likely matai)
Dimensions: 530x340x400mm approx
Date: Circa late 1970's

Newly released from the Llew Summers estate, Finale was one of the wooden sculptures he carved to create a mould from which to cast in bronze. He seldom exhibited the wooden sculptures in his lifetime, believing people preferred bronze; however in times of greater awareness of sustainability and the importance of wood, these original sculptures are often now valued more than the bronze editions they generated.
Summers' earlier wood sculptures were finished with a varnish, whereas later works were buffed with wax, so the patina is original, and speaks of its past in his studio over the years. The wood is most likely matai. This is one of his larger wooden sculptures, and a superb example of the energy and fluidity of works from his mid-career.

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